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Federal Criminal Defense

In the United States, a federal crime is an offense that is either made illegal by U.S federal legislation or a crime that occurs on U.S federal property. A federal crime may be investigated by the FBI, DEA, DHS, BATF, ICE, IRS or any number of other federal agencies. Federal law is governed by federal statutes, such as Title 18 of the U.S. Code, and federal case law. Federal cases differ in many ways from state cases, so it is critical that someone being investigated for or charged with a federal crime have the guidance of an attorney with significant experience in defending federal criminal cases.

In terms of complexity and the stakes involved, the types of criminal allegations that professionals and business people can face far exceed typical street crime. Handling serious federal charges is a different kind of criminal defense that requires specific experience, thorough investigatory tactics and a firm grasp of the frequently complex laws that define fraud and other white collar crimes. In federal court many individuals are initially charged with a document called a complaint. The defendant will either receive a summons to appear from the court, or a warrant will be issued for the defendant to be arrested and brought before the court.

There are myriad ways to resolve a federal criminal matter and what is best for any individual depends on facts and circumstances unique to each case. Most federal cases involve some plea bargaining with a federal prosecutor. If the parties cannot reach a plea disposition, then the case will proceed to trial.

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