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What Is A DWI In The State Of New York?

The State of New York refers to a DWI, as “Driving While Intoxicated”; at or above the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol concentration level. A reading of 0.08 to 0.17 would be considered a misdemeanor DWI whereas a 0.18 and over would be considered an aggravated misdemeanor DWI.

You typically would not be arrested for a DWI if you had a 0.04 blood alcohol concentration level; which would be approximately two drinks. However, if you had a 0.05 blood alcohol level, then you would be considered driving under what the law defines as “driving while ability impaired by alcohol”. You could be arrested in this case, even though this would be considered a violation instead of a crime.

DWI Clients Come From All Age Groups And Demographics

With DWI cases, the demographic is always across the board/ A DWI is the only criminal case which affects everyone ranging from Congressmen and Senators to lawyers, doctors and everyday people. People charged with DWI can come from all over the board and from all walks of life. My clients run the gamut from under 21 to middle-aged people, to those who are in their late 60s and sometimes even older.

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