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Client Testimonials

Attorney Russ Kofman Testimonials:

“Words cannot explain how much Mr. Russ Kofman helped me from a serious case of DWI. He saved me from jail time and helped me start over from a terrible mistake. I Strongly recommend him anytime for any legal issue.”

Heidy F.

“I have been fighting an assault case for almost a year now I had no hope I taught my future was over, my life was very stressful Russ Kofman was my attorney in my case from beginning to ending he laid out my options and he kept on fighting for my freedom. I’m mostly grateful for his experience and my results was no way near to what I expected he got me probation instead of me doing 3yrs in jail. Russ I thank you for your support and a job well done. I highly recommend his expertise.”

Lavendra N.

“Best attorney ever Russ is a great lawyer him and his assistant secretary they’re all great people I have no complaints about this law firm they’re the best. They help me and my family through a very hard time. They get the job done. Russ is no joke. I will recommend him to anyone. Very responsible always on time always up to date on my case. If you every in a jam or need assistance he is the person to call.”

Cabreja D.

“My husband found Russ online a couple of months ago. I was arrested when falsely accused of something by a patron at a restaurant. I was held at a precinct for questioning from 10:30pm until 5am when I found out I was being charged.

Having no priors, someone versed in criminal law was not someone we had in our “rolodex”….my husband called several lawyers he found online at 5am. Russ was the first to call back (before 8am) and walked him through the realities of what to expect during the arraignment the following night (which he also attended at 8pm).

He had me released without bail and worked with the DA to review tapes from the restaurant for almost 2 months. He took calls from me on the weekend and always immediately responded to emails, patiently answering all of my small and large questions. On my return to court, he arranged a private meeting with the DA for me to tell my side of the story – the case was dismissed and I was exonerated the same day. He even set me up with a lawyer to help me pursue a civil lawsuit for unlawful arrest.

I will definitely be using Russ again to help me with a trademark and some design patents, but hopefully never again as a criminal lawyer. I read below about Arthur’s GQ courtroom flair – they must shop at the same store! He also gets style points for his quadruple stock business cards :-).

We really appreciate what you did for us Russ and definitely recommend your firm to anyone who is on the fence reading these reviews.”

Shay M.

“Kofman got my felony DWI dismissed in Brooklyn. Highly recommend this law firm. Handled my arraignment and got no bail when they asked for 20,000. Then got the case dismissed after 2 months when I was facing a year in jail.”

T. C.

“I had a default judgment against me that Rubin & Rothman was garnishing me on. I hired Lebedin Kofman and they removed the judgment, stopped the garnishment and god me back on track in a week!”

Ben H.

“Arthur and Russ were extremely helpful. Arthur was great with walking me through the process, following up with me and making sure I completed everything I needed to, when I needed to. Russ, on our initial consultation said he wanted to know that Lebedin Koffman was there to be my representation now and moving forward and that is exactly what will happen. If I ever need legal assistance, I’ll be contacting Arthur and Russ.”

Kelvin R.

“Highly recommend this law firm.”

Danovich D.

“Great and professional firm. Could not ask for anything better from these guys. Arthur and Russ were extremely helpful. Thank you and highly recommended!”

Satisfied Client

“I called them all magician because they work magic in the court room. Russ kofman is the best lawyer in the world hands down i was facing A DUI (driving under the influence) but this was my second time being charge it was suppose to be a felony but Russ work his magic and i plead guilty to a violation tell me he isnt the best and what i also like and appreciated that i didnt have all the money up front but Russ still took my case and work a payment plan out with me and we made it work over time if your in newyork and need a lawyer if u ask me Russ kofman is the best !”

Joseph F.

“It was great working with ross kofman I truly recommend his service’s hes really professional and dedicated to his clients thank you so much …”

Edwin R.

“Russ Kofman is an extremely knowledgeable attorney with the track record to back up his performance. He understands the possible legal outcomes across a wide variety of legal fields and is equipped to steer the process in the direction he chooses. I would recommend Russ Kofman to any individual looking for a top performing attorney.”

Brandon Z.

“The law firm my practice uses for everything. Love them!”

Anna B.

“Russ Kofman is an excellent and honorable attorney. His office clearly demonstrates that there is no substitute for experience and rapport when it comes to financial matters. Jennifer, the office Paralegal is personable, efficient, and does follow-up well. Which sometimes can be challenging in any legal practice. Thanks!”


“I had an extremely positive experience with Lebedin Kofman LLP. Rus Kofman was unbelievably helpful, professional and supportive throughout my entire case (DUI). Every step of the way he stayed in contact with me, answering all my questions and guiding me in the right direction. He was genuinely invested and was able to bring my misdemeanor down to a violation. I cannot overstate the positive experience I had working with Russ.”

Sanja B.

“This is a tremendous law firm. I have had to deal with them on a number of occasions and they have been extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly…EFFECTIVE! I have recommended Lebedin Kofman LLP to multiple friends, coworkers and family members because they treat their clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. They are amazing lawyers and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

D. G.

“I m just amazed at the service I got from Russ Kofman. My stupid little brother was charged with gun possession and Mr. Kofman was not only able to get him out without bail but was able to bring the charge down to a fine and got him off the hook from a felony that would have haunted my brother for life. I’m very thankful not only for the way they have handled the case but also from how comforting he was to my mother and the way they carried them self’s with my whole family. Mr. Kofman kept my whole family at ease. I highly recommend Mr. Kofman to anyone that may have gotten them self’s in legal trouble.”

David A.

“Handled a criminal case quickly and effectively. Took care of the arraignment and no bail was placed, then got the misdemeanor lowered to a non criminal infraction. Always answered the phone and explained everything to my family members. Highly recommend these lawyers.”

A. M.

“Highly professional lawyers. They go above and beyond for their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Anthony B.

“I am happy and please of the service I received from Russ Kofman. My mom suffers from a mental disorder and had a case against her. And Mr. Kofman was not only able to get her out without bail but was able to bring the charge down and have the case dismiss. My family and I are very thankful not only for the way Mr. Kofman handled the case but for answering any questions I may have had and for taking my calls. Mr. Kofman kept my whole family at ease. He is also affordable. And if you can’t pay in full, he will set payment plans for you. I know if I need him again I will be calling Russ Kofman. Also did I mentioned that I used his services twice. I highly recommend Mr. Kofman to anyone that may have legal issues.”

Emily A.

“Highly recommend this firm for any credit reporting or debt related issues. They assisted me in removing incorrectly reported public records and judgments from my credit report. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. I’m very impressed.”

Jeffrey R.

“Russ Kofman got my brother a violation when he was arrested for gun possession in JFK in Queens. Incredible results, highly recommend this firm.”

David M.

“I recently contacted Lebedin/Kofman LLP after being served with a summons on a student loan I had co-signed for our son. I had not even received a phone call that there were issues with the loan and was completely blind-sided with the summons. Mr. Lebedin took the time to explain the process. He and the staff handled the issue promptly, professionally, and kept me informed during the whole process. I am very happy with my choice to contact this firm.”

Sharon P.

“I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the integrity of this law firm. I had a DUI case that I needed to get resolved. Lebedin and Kofman was there in court to represent me. Russ handled my Leandra’s law case and got me a non criminal disposition. Love these guys.”

Mark T.

“I was in the situation of self-defense and Russ Kaufmann help me get my freedom back. They were trying to give me 2 – 7 years for something I didn’t do and Russ Kaufman believed in me and made sure that everything was going to be taken care of. The professionalism the respect in the quality of care is superb. Hands down the best lawyer I have ever encountered. A+ QUALITY FIRM. A definite recommendation.”


“I had Mr. Arthur Lebedin recently for a high debt settlement of credit card. Mr. Lebedin confirmed the best case scenario and mentioned he was confident of getting there, as he is very familiar with the structure and how to go about it. By my amaze within three week he informed me of settlement he promised. When we contacted the credit card by phone about settlement reached, they wanted more info, and so on which Mr. Lebedin aggressively and professionally remind them that settlement was final. I strongly recommend this office and I trust them 100 percent, not only the service is extremely professional, also very kind in nature and pleasant, as during our brief discussion of the case were able to chat about sport, travel.. again although I did not have good experience before with other law firms and attorneys, this office Mr. Lebedin, Ester ( assistant) restore my faith in expecting only the best.”

Neaman N.

“Russ Koffman got me a favorable decision in a 10,000 dollar forfeiture case. Russ got my car back that was seized as well in a very timely fashion. I recommend Russ Koffman to anyone looking for a good attorney”

Lenny K.

“Lebedin Kofman made an inspirationally impactful delivery during a crucial time. Their efforts have altered the course of my family’s life in a way I struggle to find words to describe. I understand that business is business, but this experience was far more than a transaction for me — even if that’s how they see it. And even if that’s how theysee it, that’s certainly not how I was made to feel. Lebedin Kofman matched my intensity, urgency, and passion through each step of the debt settlement process and took deep responsibility for the results they promised to deliver, despite my not-so-perfect profile. Where other firms showed me the door, Lebedin Kofman dove deep. Thanks to them, I am finally, and humbly, in a position to provide a home life that me, my spouse, and future children can be proud of for years to come.”

Dwayne R.

“Russ Kofman is amazing. Extremely professional and attentive to his clients. Would recommend him to anybody looking for an attorney who will do whatever it takes to get the best results for your case. Worth every penny and more.”

Angela V.

“Anyone in need- I would highly recommend working with Mr. Russ Kofman. The firm handed my case and everything was dismissed. Russ took care of every detail, highly professional, communicative and resolved my case quickly. Thank you so much!!”

Jada M.

“I was represented by Russ Kofman for my case whom my parents found online. My case was not a piece of cake and had lasted a whole year until this October when it finally was over! I am so thankful and appreciative that Russ Kofman was my attorney for this case. It was not an easy case and I was nervous and thought of the worst, however Russ made my family and I feel at ease and took care of everything by fighting till the end. I am relieved and happy that it is over now and my family and I are at peace. I would most definitely refer and suggest Russ to be your future attorney! Thank you so much again!”

Anna S.

“Always call a lawyer before speaking to the police!

Russ Kofman really helped me out by putting a wall between myself and a detective because of some tweets that I allegedly made, of all things.

Russ was respectful of me, took the problem seriously, was readily available, and helpful. I recommend this firm highly.

In the end my mind can rest at ease, you can’t put a price on that.”

Zoey W.

Attorney Arthur Lebedin Testimonials:

“I was skeptical at first because I had never used a debt lawyer and I did not know any one that had used his services. I found him on the internet. Every question that I asked was treated with importance. He handled my case promptly. My case is resolved. I am very thankful.”