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Client Testimonials

Attorney Russ Kofman Testimonials:

“I was very pleased with how they handled a debt settlement with me recently. They negotiated a payoff for substantially less than the original amount. Stephannie was especially helpful, quickly answering many questions that I had along the way!

I recommend them highly!”

Paul P.

“I am very very happy the service i received from this firm recommend to everyone”

Y. B.

“These guys are great! I am a student in college that made the mistake of drinking and driving. Needless to say, that will never happen again but the entire experience was traumatic. These guys were able to dismiss my criminal charges and find the best possible outcome for my situation. I highly recommend them for their dedication, expertise and professionalism!”

Jasper M.

“If you need an attorney who is knowledgeable, dependable, and considerate, Lebedin Kofman is for you. Thank you Mr. Kofman for doing an outstanding job.”

Nickola L.

“I’m just amazed at the service I got from Russ Kofman. My stupid little brother was charged with gun possession and Mr. Kofman was not only able to get him out without bail but was able to bring the charge down to a fine and got him off the hook from a felony that would have haunted my brother for life. I’m very thankful not only for the way they have handled the case but also from how comforting he was to my mother and the way they carried them self’s with my whole family. Mr. Kofman kept my whole family at ease. I highly recommend Mr. Kofman to anyone that may have gotten them self’s in legal trouble. ”

David A.

“I was very pleased with the results of my case, and do believe I made the right choice going with Lebedin Kofman LLP firm to represent me. Before contacting Russ Kofman, I was nervous about my case, I had spent hours searching the web for an attorney who not only had the experience necessary but also my best interest in mind. Russ Kofman was very confident taking my case and was able to keep me calm. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I couldn’t be happier about the outcome of my case. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Russ Kofman. Special thanks to Russ Kofman and Stephannie Miranda.”

Jonathan H.

“Lebedin Kofman LLP is an excellent firm that embodies professionalism. I had a DUI with two misdemeanors and a violation associated with my indictment. My professional license was potentially at stake if convicted, which had me extremely nervous. Russ is a knowledgeable seasoned attorney. His knowledge and experience allowed me to regain my confidence and rest easy throughout my proceedings. The ultimate outcome was very favorable in light of the facts and circumstances of my case. I highly recommend Lebedin Kofman LLP.”

Eric H.

“These guys saved me! I got scammed by Northern Leasing Systems and they were trying to sue me for several thousand dollars. After paying a small fee to Lebedin Kofman, they took care of it and I never heard back from Northern Leasing Systems or their attorneys ever again. If you also fell into Northern Leasing System’s trap, I highly recommend giving these guys a call.”

Tyler R.

“We lost a business in 2015 but had a loan we were trying to pay off. I had worked out a payment plan with the creditor. After a year it became more difficult to continue payments. When I missed 2 payments the creditor submitted a lawsuit. I reached out to Lebedin Kofman LLP to help me respond to the court document. Stephannie in turn was able to get the debt settled for nearly 50% less and the case closed w/o prejudice in the court. It was a tremendous relief not to have the debt nor the stress of court proceedings. Thank you all at Lebedin Kofman LLP!”

Catherine R.

“I must commend Lebedin and Koffman for their excellent and professional service. They worked, fought and won my case. their service has no parallel. excellent, professional and humane staff. Thank you!”

Bernadette U.

“This guy is unbelievable! His deep care and outstanding professional experience have been nothing but amazing, i cannot thank him enough.”

Matan T.

“Very easy to work with. Quick results. Pleasant experience. Highly recommend this law firm!”

A. C.

“Russ Kofman is an excellent lawyer I recommend him to everybody, I was charged with a few felony assault charges. The charges were dropped and case closed thanks to Russ Kofman.”

Joshua A.

“Russ Kofman, Esq. helped me to defense a case with satisfactory settlement.

He is very attentive. He lays out the whole procedures and all possible consequences in guiding me to pick the best strategy.

In the first meeting, I felt I would be charged excessively. In the end, I had to say that money was well spent.

I strongly recommend readers like you to engage with this Law Firm, based on my experience with Russ Kofman, Esq.”

Larry C.

“They took care of my issues with two debt collectors quickly, effectively and at a reasonable rate.”

Jennifer L.

“Highly recommended!!!! Professionalism and expertise goes a long way. We were in an unfortunate situation and had to use his services. His assurance helped ease the process of a very stressful event. I am grateful for his abilities and commitment. He was able to carry out the best possible solution for us. I may not be able to compare his service as I’ve never needed a lawyer before but I was pleased with how he handled our case that I don’t need to search for others. His dedication and respect for his clients went beyond my expectations!!!”

Zairah R.

“I had a false, predatory debt claim (like on John Oliver’s Debt Buyers show) which was nearly impossible to prove we were innocent and incredibly hard to address from out of state. Lebedin Kofman LLP stepped in and resolved the problem for my family despite the aggressive and unethical practices of the other firm. We recovered our money and closed the case for good thanks to them. Recommended.”

Paul M.

“Amazing! I highly recommend Russ Kofman! My case was a difficult one and now I’m here without any criminal record thanks to Russ. He is highly skilled in DUI law and criminal defense law. I would recommend him to anyone. I’m so grateful that I chose him as my lawyer !! Very professional, if you’re in need of a lawyer that truly is going to get you the best offer possible regarding a DUI, then I suggest Russ Kofman.”

Kristen K.

“This firm is extremely professional, attentive, and delivers speedy favorable results. I couldn’t have made a better choice. I’m very impressed by their work (debt/judgement matter). Highly recommended!!

Thank you Lebedin Kofman!! You guys rock!! :)”

P. M.

“When I got into some trouble it was hard to know who was really on my side. I first hired a different attorney who didn’t seem to care. A friend of mine recommended Russ and I couldn’t be happier. He really understood my issues and helped me get answers. I thank him for all his dedication and hard work. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in trouble”


“Russ and his team were very attentive to my case. They comforted me and assured me they would provide the best legal services, from the initial time of contact to the dismissal of my case. I would highly recommend Russ for any legal consultation or service.”


“I got Kofman as my lawyer this guy is a really good lawyer. I got caught with a DUI and I refused to blow. Went with them to the refusal hearing and we gladly beat it with no problem. Recommend this lawyer to anybody. 5 stars!”


“Long story short. I got myself into trouble and was worried about what was to come at the time. I panicked and had no clue what to do. I got a call from a detective asking me to go in for questioning and that was when I went online to scramble for an attorney. That was when I came across Russ. I sent him an email and his secretary got back to me immediately, which left a really good impression. Not to mention Russ has impressive reviews on yelp so scared as I was, I hired Russ to become my attorney.

Russ handled everything and made sure I had little to worry about. He was by my side 100% of the way. At the time of my arraignment, there was a moment where I thought I’d have to go to Rikers because the judge was really hard to convince and that was when Russ came to my rescue and got me out without bail.

Then came my court date. I really thought I was looking at jail time but Russ used the skills he has and got me a misdemeanor when my case was a felony. I had to go a year without getting arrested before I can get a discharge from my misdemeanor.

The misdemeanor is finally erased from my record and I’ve learned my lesson and that couldn’t have happened without the help and professionalism of Russ and his team. I will definitely look for him again if I, or any one I know runs into trouble.”

A Satisfied Client

“Came to Russ Kofman when my prior lawyer told me I had to take 5 years on an assault 1 felony in NYC and was about to get violated on a vop. They said they had the slashing on video but I needed a lawyer who was a fighter and I interviewed a lot of lawyers most of whom said this was probably my best deal. I hired Russ because he did a great job for a couple of guys from my way and it was the best decision. He got me straight probation and even got the judge to make the probation judge leave me on probation. This extra time with my family is priceless. This guy is fireeee.”

A Satisfied Client

“There are countless positive things I can say about Russ Kofman and his NYC law firm, Lebedin Kofman. However, the quality I most want to highlight about him as a lawyer is the personal obligation he assumes for you as soon as you hire him. He makes sure to prioritize you with respect to your needs, requests and wishes, all the while still maintaining his own professionalism and ethical values. Although I have a list of perpetual compliments I can simply state, I’ll give a telling example instead which made me realize he was the obvious fit for my needs. I contacted Russ directly after having a domestic violence charge filed against me by my girlfriend at the time. For reasons I will not address here, after involving the law, she decided to also involve my school; we both attend a private professional school in NY that governs off-campus allegations of domestic violence as a part of their school policy. Because she was being so vindictive at the time, when divulging all relevant information to Russ during my initial consultation, I told him about how she was extremely petty, and how one week prior to filing these charges, she had requested me to buy her numerous material goods (totaling over 5000$), all of which I had receipts for. I told him in addition to defending me, I would like to be reimbursed for these items as well. After a brief moment of analysis, he told me to cut my losses short and not to respond to petty behavior with more petty behavior, especially since I am the one in question in the eyes of the law and my school. He told me I am facing far bigger losses than 5000$ if things don’t go my way here. I had a great deal of respect for Russ at this moment because I realized he was devising a tactical plan to resolve my situation, that was free from my emotions, subjectivity and naivety. Also, he took the chance of telling me something I did not want to hear at the moment, instead of placating me during the consultation to gain hire. After deliberating for a few days, I hired Russ later that week. Both the criminal and school cases required about 8 month of due process before conclusion, during which time Russ always directly responded to any question or inquiry I had via phone or in-person meetings, arranged to be present for court dates to get me out as soon as possible, and advised me on how to proceed for each step during these processes, all while handling any leg work required in the background. In the end, because of Russ, I ended up with no sanctions separating me from my school and he was able to get me a simple violation in regards to the law; no misdemeanor, no felony. Russ is a true professional who is intelligent, honest with his thoughts and knows how to work with people. And now, after going through the process, I understand these are the things one should seek when procuring a lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Kofman and his team were extremely professional and knowledgeable of the court system they know what to say when to say and how to say it. They take the guess work out of it and in my case I received an amazing plea bargain! Rest assured if you hire Mr. Kofman to represent your case.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was charged with grand larceny. Russ Kofman and his team had all criminal charges against me dropped, I was found guilty of a minor violation. At all times Russ and his associates were available for me and were extremely helpful and professional. I hope that I never have a need for a lawyer again, however Russ Kofman would be my only choice should the need arise.”


“I had a difficult white collar crime case and Kofman helped me to get a FULL DISMISSAL. I recommend him to anyone.”

A Satisfied Client

“i was looking for criminal lawyer and few attorneys. i called Russ office, he returned my call promptly. asked me few questions about my case and we set up appointment to see meet. When i reach his office Russ Kofman came to greet me and take me to his conference room. At first, when i saw Russ Kofman, First thought came to me that he is very young lawyer what he knows about law, and how is he going to defend me? All negative thoughts.

But believe me that after speaking with him for about hour and half, my perception of him totally changed.

He got to the bottom of my case and said some things that even my friend who went with me was impressed.

please note he did all that without any charge and without knowing if i will be taking his services. Even though i am going to use his services, as of today March 29th 2017 he does not that i will be hiring him.

I called other attorneys everybody asked for first consultation fee.

At the end, i will highly recommend. He is purely a gentleman.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had the pleasure of using Lebedin Kofman LLP, i was greatly satisfied, my son had a very difficult case, assault on NYC police officer, and he got the case completely dismissed. They also work with you on payment plans, all in all i was very pleased, and would definitely use them again. But really hoping I won’t need to! lol”


“Russel Kofman and his team of paralegals are both relentless, dedicated & bring real professionalism to their field.

Got me off of 3 felonies, 3 misdemeanors & a probation violation all in 3 different counties! Highly recommended! Great Job!”

A Satisfied Client

“I have used Russ Kofman and his firm several times and every single time they have done a fantastic job for me. I cannot just give credit to one person but the whole firm was absolutely CARING, PROFESSIONAL, and UNDERSTANDING both of my personal matters and what I could afford.

I have no words to describe how pleased I am with Russ Kofman and his team.


Sam H.

“During the summer of 2016 I received my second DUI/Refusal. After contacting Russ he thoroughly explained my options and was ready to go to trial if need be. He was able to get my refusal thrown out and my misdemeanor down to a violation. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend Russ to anyone who needs legal help. He is very informative and answers calls and texts in a timely manner. Thanks Russ!”


“Russ Kofman a heaven sent honestly, my boyfriend was battling courts on a felony gun charge. They were offering him 2 years and 5 years probation. We hired Kofman and he fought long and hard for Chris. He now only has to do 90 days and Kofman and his team brought a felony charge to a misdemeanor. My family will forever be grateful for what they did. I highly recommend him for any type of legal issues.”

Markiea I.

“Imagine. Having your hands forced behind your back. Handcuffs forced on your wrists. Pushed into the back of a police cruised. No rights read. No idea of whats going to happen. The freedoms that you take for granted stripped away from you in an instant.

Sitting in a dungeon of a holding facility. Separated from the outside world, I had to make a phone call and I had to do it quick. I called my best friend and told him to get in touch with Russ Kofman quickly.

The charges were bogus…but I knew that the judge wouldn’t take my word for it. The cops said I was looking at a felony weapons possession. Real prison time.

Russ sprung into action. He knew that each hour I spent in that holding facility was a torturous 60 minutes of uncertainty and fear.

Russ knew the ins and outs of the court system better than anyone I had ever met. He was there first thing in the morning and told me not to worry.

I was first to see the judge (while others waited indefinitely for a public defendant that couldn’t care less).
“All charges dismissed. You are free to go.”

I wish we lived in a world where the facts spoke for themselves but we don’t. You need a trustworthy attorney to communicate those facts for you. A competent lawyer makes the difference between going home to see your family or spending time in a cage. Time in your life that you’ll never get back. It was an easy decision for me. There is nothing that is worth my money more than my own freedom.”


“This lawyer handled a sex assault case for our son that was falsely accused. He believed in the client the whole time and with his investigator and determination was able to prove he was innocent. He kept him out of jail and off of the sex offender registry. Very determined and diligent attorney. We will always remember what he did for our family.”


“There is no question that you should hire these guys. I was looking around and questioning who what which lawyers, asking around friends and the usual. Found this firm on yelp, none of my friends used them but I went with it. You will get tailored services and won’t think twice. They hire enough people for super tailored service, things were already done before i even had to ask for them and the results were exactly what was promised.”

Nick R.

“It’s hard to put into words the experience one goes through when it comes to family and broken laws. However in a time of panic and fear I can say a sense of tranquillity went through my mind after hiring Russ and his team to handle a case. Professional, focused, and sympathetic, i couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. I felt i can trust, and rely on him through the process. And in the end couldn’t have been happier with the outcome!! Highly recommended!!!!”

Jaclyn K.

“Highly recommend this law firm, they helped my friend handle a very serious case. They were always knowledgeable about anything you bring to the table. These guys are ready to take on any challenge head on! Very driven attorneys, pick up the phone in the middle of the night. 5 stars without a doubt!!!”

Kim L.

“This firm is top notch. I dealt with Mr. Kofman on numerous occasions and he has always exceeded all my expectations. The firm is very diligent, professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend this firm to any family or friend I know that is in need of a knowledgeable attorney. Always positive feedback from people I know. Thanks for all that you guys do.”

Alla Z.

“These guys are great!!! SO far, they have taken care of 2 accounts and are currently taking care of 2 more. I highly recommend these folks to handle your credit issues!!”

Jamal A.

“After the arrest, we had no idea what to do. We were lost and upset and needed someone comfortable with but who knew what they were doing. We decided to go with Lebiden Kofman after an initial consultation with Russ. He was upfront, honest and told us everything to expect. We worked mostly with Russ and Sahar Shams over several months on our case. They were quick to respond, answer every single question we had, and never seemed like we were bothering them. They were through honest and extremely compassionate when dealing with our case. They got us exactly what they said they were hoping for from the beginning. We couldn’t be happier with their service they provided us and would 100% recommend them to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. Thank you again for all you did for us.”

Cindy G.

“After about 8 months of being charged with DWI and after going back and forth in the court, I hired Russ as my previous attorney was not able to get any headway.

The judge was very tough and wanted us to go to trial, which Russ was ready for and assured me to not loose faith in him as I was very nervous.

I have to admit that the 6-7 month run with Russ was smooth, he always replied to my calls and texts promptly.

And moreover, he made the judge repeal his own decision and got my case dismissed on Oct 31, 2016.

Sahar Shams was also handling the matter and they together got the job done.

The case was dismissed and now they have a loyal client (me) for life.

These guys are rockstars or shall I say fearless beasts!!

Thank you, Russ & Sahar for all your help!!!”

Ashish S.

“Russ and his team were everything we needed for our criminal case. They were upfront, honest and answered every single question we had without ever making us feel like we were bothering them. We worked mostly with Russ and Sahar Shams. They were great; responded quickly to every call or email, never left us out of the loop, updated us on absolutely everything and worked endlessly to get the best result possible. They got us the result we were looking for and couldn’t be more thankful to them. I would recommend them to anyone who needed legal advice and representation. They handle your case with extreme professionalism, respect and empathy. Thank you again”

Hailie G.

“I’m rarely over the moon for service I receive but they definitely have brought back the nostalgic person-to-person customer service we all so desperately seek these days.

I had a GREAT experience with this firm! They worked with me on payment, answered all communications quickly, and resolved the matter in half the time I was originally told. Best part was they were able to completely eliminate the judgement placed against me from a extremely small debt with my ex husband from 9 years ago!

I called because when I actually tried to pay the settlement amount the creditor’s attorney had sent me in a letter they refused to take the settled amount and the woman actually screamed at me on the phone. I immediately hung up and called Lebedin Kofman. They told me they work with that firm regularly and would no doubt handle it. They delivered on their promise.”

Nica U.

“I had got caught up with a control substance, quite a large amount. My girlfriend found Russ Krofman number on the Internet and when I called him on a Sunday morning he responded quickly. I spoke to him around 11am and was out by 2-3 pm with no bail only 3 days community service.”

Ray M.

“Russ Kofman and his team at Lebedin Kofman exceeded my expectations with their excellent service! I found this firm via Google and after reading such positive reviews, I decided to take a chance with them. Russ gave me a thorough rundown as to what steps would be taken and eased my anxiety with my problem. I spoke with various employees while dealing with Lebedin Kofman and each and every one was very patient and informative with me. I am beyond happy that I chose their firm and I am confident you will as well, if you are considering going with this firm. Do it!”

Sharla H.

“Russ Kofman handled my friend’s domestic violence case in Manhattan. We found him on Yelp and it was better than expected. We called in the middle of the night and he answered and was on top of it right away. He handled the case start to finish very quickly and my friend ended up with no record because of his efforts. Highly recommend this firm.”

Lola K.

“My brother hired Russ Kofman when he was charged with having a gun in JFK. Everyone said that he would have to do 2 years minimum on a gun case in Queens, but Russ kept fighting for him. After 6 months of coming back and forth to court, he got him a plea to a violation! All the felony and misdemeanor charges got dismissed and he basically got a disorderly conduct. No criminal record and no jail. This firm will keep fighting for you till the end.”

David M.

“Great law firm that helped me reach a settlement when I was sued for defaulted student loan debt that I didn’t even know about until I received the lawsuit papers! They made me feel at ease and completely understood my situation since my case was actually something they have extensive experience with. Pricing is fair and they are willing to work with you in terms of payment plans and offer great, free advice as well. Thanks, Lebeden Kofman you were a great help!”

Rebecca V.

“Early January of this year, I was charged with 2nd degree possession of a firearm in a school zone. https://www.scam.com/mugshots/thandiwe-victor-139­78678. I was facing a mandatory minimum of 3.5 years, up to 15 years in prison. I felt doomed and pessimistic besides this new arrest I was on active probation and required to have no police contact. Russ Kofman asked me to be completely honest and detailed with him regarding the events leading to my arrest. He was compassionate, reasonable, honest and answered all my questions and text messages. I have texted at 11:45 pm and 6:30 am and always got answered. My charges and case were dismissed, without my presence in court. Russ Kofman and his team at Lebedin Kofman LLP are an amazing best law firm and attorneys in NYC.”

Victor T.

“Russ Koffman was referred to me by my friend. From the first day we met I had many questions about my case and Russ was very patient to answer all of these questions. He explained me the process we had to go through and just said not to worry. I absolutely trusted him and never regretted, because I really got such a professional lawyer for my case.”

Renata Y.

“I had a very dicey refusal that could have gone very badly. Russ was able to get me the best deal possible. He represented me at the DMV refusal hearing and got it dropped entirely. No fees, loss of license or points! Additionally, in the criminal charges, he worked diligently for months and got that dropped to a violation. When I contacted Russ, I was looking at a very long term loss of my license and a permanent criminal record. But his knowledge of the law and hard work got me the best results imaginable. I would highly recommend him!”

Dennis C.

“Wonderful law firm if you’re having trouble with your private student loan lender. Got a very good settlement offer & was treated with respect even though I am also an attorney. No hassle, they get in touch in a timely fashion and aren’t a bunch of greed heads only concerned about the Almighty dollar. Highly recommended.”

Monica T.

“We hired Russ Kofman when my uncle got arrested for domestic violence assault in kings county. My uncle could not work while the case was going on because he has a TLC license and we needed the case to be finished as quickly as possible. Russ got him out without bail when the prosecutor asked for $15,000 and then handled the case within a month. He got my uncle no criminal record, no jail and dealt with TLC so he could start working. These guys are top notch, we were kept informed at every stage of the process and always felt like we had the best representation money could buy.”

Julia L.

“Highly professional lawyers that helped me with my mishap. They fought for my innocence and helped to keep my record clean. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need.”

Anthony B.

“These guys are great. Got me out of a large settlement that was attached to my house. I ended up paying 1/4 of what I owed. I am so grateful to them. Thank you Lebedin Kofman LLp.”

Yvonne J.

“They are excellent. Very professional and up-front. I was a bit irritating with my regular calls and they were still very polite. Thanks again!”

Ravi P.

“Russ Kofman moved mountains for my case and got the job done. Call them and sleep well at night.”

Sam D.

“This firm handled my case and Everything was dismissed. They were always there when I called and the service was better than expected. Very tough to handle your first attorney experience but these guys are on the ball.”

Dima D.

“Law firm that handles all of our practice’s needs. Quick and exact. They do exactly when they promised.”

Anna B.

“If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would. My boyfriend had a situation with a summons that really could have been a big deal for his license/insurance etc. Of course, he tells me about 5 days before he is due in court. With very little to go on I searched for lawyers in my area and was so ridiculously lucky to come across Russ Kofman. He called me back within two hours and debriefed me on what to expect. Paperwork was done in a flash and he and his team are amazing. They were able to get everything cleared with no marks on his record/license. I cannot thank them enough. I give them my absolute highest recommendation.”

Lauren F.

“A family member retained Russ Kofman when they were arrested for felony assault in Brooklyn. They alleged a broken Leg and hip and the guy was threatening to sue for damages. Russ got him out of jail quickly, without bail and communicated with the family through the whole process. His investigator found the necessary witnesses to beat the case! After 2 months, Russ was able to get the felony and the misdemeanor charges dismissed and got him a plea to a disorderly conduct. I highly recommend Russ Kofman to anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer. This was not an easy case and he handled it exceptionally well!”

Zachary R.

“Lebedin Kofman LLP is an excellent law firm. Russ handled my criminal case and was fantastic. He is communicative, reliable and professional. I would highly recommend working with him.”

Bernard G.

“We needed legal representation in NYC after our son got into some trouble at a nightclub with an overly aggressive bouncer. Living on the west coast, we were worried about getting the best representation for his case, being so far away. We took the leap and called up Russ Kofman based on the high reviews we saw on Yelp. He was very knowledgeable about the type of case and what could be hoped for in terms of trying to get the charges reduced from misdemeanor to violation. Although the hearing date was over 2 months out, we did not hear from the DA until almost the day before the hearing which was frustrating but out of our control. We then were assigned to work with Sahar Shams, an Associate at the firm that did a great job with last minutes planning and communication with us. Sahar had worked in the DA’s office and so had a great insider’s view of how they work. She was able to negotiate with the DA office to get the charges reduced even further than he hoped down to an ACD with additional favorable conditions which was a great relief for our son and us. Thanks to Sahar and Russ for the great service. We highly recommend them and the firm!”

Kurt R.

“Rus Kofman and his firm has helped me and many others that I referred. I got in trouble and found him through a friend. Not only was he affordable but he is VERY always around. I felt as if he was with me the ENTIRE time and not just in it to get paid like so many other attorneys i spoke with. We spoke few times a day and he made me feel very secure. Rus beat my case and turned my felony charge into a violation. I recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.”

Gary G.

“Mr. Kofman helped me in my time of need. It’s never easy when you get in trouble with the law. Russ is 100% Professional, aggressive when necessary, and offered me the most zealous representation. He is the best in the business! I highly recommend him!”

Laynee M.

“Mr Kofman and Mr Lebedin were a great help to me and my husband. Our case was resolved quickly and without a hassle. We really appreciate everything they have done for us. Thank you!!!!!”

Anjelika S.

“Hired them in September and got a settlement by December. They definitely are great advocates for the working class against big corporations. I am very grateful for all they were able to do because mow a huge financial burden has been lifted for me and my Mother. We can actually begin to save our own funds for us again. Thank you Lebedin Kofman.”

Kita P.

“Arthur & Russ are Great!

Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable!

Do not hesitate to work with them!!”

Jeffrey R.

“Mr Lebedin and Mr Kofman were great! My case was no slam dunk before they came to the table. I had been through numerous attorneys until I got in contact with Lebedin/Kofman. My case was very unfortunate because I had no priors and a college degree with my entire future ahead of me. Before Lebedin/Kofman came into the picture I was facing a misdemeanor and 6 years probation. With completely 0 chance of beating it. Once they came on board my probation was dropped in a plea deal, but Lebedin/Kofman refused to stop fighting they wanted to get rid of the misdemeanor as well. Eventually after only a few short weeks of fighting they were able to get rid of every penalty I was facing. All in all they saved my life because without them a life with a misdemeanor is no fun. Now I can pursue all of my dreams. My life isn’t over. The patience and persistence that they showed makes me believe anything is truly possible if you stick to your guns and hold your own. Thanks guys for giving me a brighter tomorrow and a second chance in life.”

Edward C.

“It’s always tough to write about people that were with you when things got tough, but Mr. Kofman was heaven-sent! He literally help my hand and reassured me that if I needed him, he was there. Sadly I did need him, but thankfully, he was there to answer my calls at night and my issues in court. I hope that no one goes through what I experienced, but I highly recommend Russ to be by your side if it does.”

Klim K.

“Was referred to them through a friend. Worked with couple of law offices before regarding my issue and the biggest setback they had was communication. Happy to say that Russ Kofman was prompt in returning my phone calls and was very attentive when I went to see him in person at their office at 40 Exchange Place of the Financial District in NYC. He even came to see me a couple of times. I would definitely say they are highly recommended.”

David G.

“I give 5 stars for Mr. Kofman. My family was going through a terrible tragedy and on top of that had a legal issue that was time sensitive. I contacted Lebedin Kofman and in just a few hours Mr. Kofman got all the parties together and resolved the issue. Some things are worth more than money. My family and I owe Mr. Kofman way more than he charged which was extremely reasonable. Everyone needs a lawyer that not only gets things done but gets things done quickly. Thank you Lebedin Kofman. Words can’t express my gratitude.”

Steven A.

“I was represented by Arthur Lebedin, whom I decided to work with after speaking with several other attorneys. He came across as genuine and that impression held true as he was approachable, straight forward and reassuring. Everything he said he would do, he did and made sure that I was kept up to speed on every step throughout the process. He got me a favorable outcome in my case and now I know if I have additional legal matters that need counsel, I can trust Arthur and Russ to provide me with the representation I need. Two stand up guys!”

Kelvin R.

“Look nowhere else! Russ Kofman knows his stuff and is very knowledgeable in the court room. Very professional and attentive! (You don’t find many lawyers willing to go the extra mile) HIGHLY recommended. Thank you again for all you did!”

Sanja B.

“Russ is the only attorney I will ever go to. I cannot stress how much he has helped me and my family. He does not hike up prices like many other attorneys (and I have done my research) and handled the case with more diligence and professionalism than we ever expected. He always kept us updated on what was going on with the case and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Mila L.

“Arthur and Russ were fantastic in handling my case. I heard about them through a friend and wanted to do something about the mountain of student loan debt I had. I met with them at their office near Wall Street and they laid out all my options in plain english which allowed me to make an informed decision. So far I have saved thousands on my student loans and Lebedin Kofman really made this experience as simple as possible for me. Thanks!!”

Kace M.

“He was very professional, always available to answer any questions or concerns I was having. He took care of everything didn’t need to worry about anything.”

A Satisfied Client

“Worked out a no-interest repayment plan with the Federal Government over only two years!”


“I was sceptical at first because I had never used a debt lawyer and I did not know any one that had used his services. I found him on the internet. Every question that I asked was treated with importance. He handled my case promptly. My case is resolved. I am very thankful.”


“Great Services retain this Law Firm. You shall be delighted with your resolution and the outcome of your Consumer Debt issues.”


“Mr. Lebedin and his associates were wonderful, and patient with handling our case. Our original private student loan amount was around 90 thousand. We were able to settle it for 35 thousand. Justice was served, and Mr. Lebedin and his associates played a big part in that happening. Thanks so much!”


“Very honest, thorough evaluation and resolve to a number of judgments. Process was fast and all settlements were fair and affordable!”


“This firm was excellent in their handling of Navient. Those loans, formerly at nearly 10% compounded quarterly, are now in repayment with an end in sight!”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired this firm when I got into trouble with my student loans. They got me a great settlement.”


“I met with Mr. Lebedin in person at his offices in dire need of help with a student loan that I cosigned for a family member that was in collection. The law firm suing me had obtained a default judgment without my knowledge and had placed a levy on my personal bank account. He was very personable, professional and attentive. I hired him right after.

His team dealt with my situation promptly and diligently. They negotiated a very fair rate for my collection, vacated the default judgement and handled everything to my expectations.”

A Satisfied Client

“After previously hiring 2 law firms, I had almost lost hope of reaching an affordable settlement for a judgment when I came across the website of Mr. Lebedin. In my first conversation with him, Mr. Lebedin listened attentively and then gave a clear assessment of the case, where he explained several options. Because of his honesty, I hired his firm right away. His legal team updated me on their progress via email during several months of tough negotiations. Mr. Lebedin and his team identified stumbling blocks in the negotiations, which they resolved to get an acceptable settlement agreement. After the creditor received payment, Mr. Lebedin and his team followed through to make sure that the creditor and their counsel honored their part of the agreement. I cannot thank Mr. Lebedin and his staff enough for their commitment and persistence in resolving this case. The associate attorney on the case, Ms. Miranda, was outstanding. I highly recommend Mr. Lebedin and the law firm of Lebedin Kofman LLP.”


“Attorney Lebedin and his team, especially Stephannie are absolutely AMAZING!!! They performed the impossible and did it at a very fair cost!

Because of my situation, time was of the essence! Attorney Lebedin’s team understood the pressure I was under and remained calm, patient and reassuring even when I got frazzled.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who is facing any type of financial issue and in need of representation.

They are hands down THE VERY BEST!!!!”


“Excellent service. Correspondence superb. Delivered exactly on our agreement. Debt settlement was a 1/3 of what was being demanded.”


“I contacted the law firm after doing a fairly extensive online search for the best debt collection attorneys in NYC. For those who can relate, you cannot run from your debts. In trying to avoid a wage garnishment, I reached out to Lebedin Kofman for help to settle an old debt that had been following me quite some time. From start to finish they were professional and on point. I dealt mostly with an associate attorney and paralegal once I signed the retainer agreement, but they were responsive and took my matter seriously. I never had to wait long for an update – every few days, a week or two at most, I heard some progress on my settlement offer. The embarrassment and sheer dread of having this old debt weighing on me have lifted. I have to pay the debt back, of course, but the settlement terms were reasonable and I avoided a garnishment. I know the law firm fought for me. The attorney’s fees are to be expected for the work that they did.”

A Satisfied Client

“Had a court summons and called this firm right away. I found this firm via google search and had good reviews. Everything from that point was great. I recommend this firm for credit matters.”


“Words cannot explain how much Mr. Russ Kofman helped me from a serious case of DWI. He saved me from jail time and helped me start over from a terrible mistake. I Strongly recommend him anytime for any legal issue.”

Heidy F.

“I have been fighting an assault case for almost a year now I had no hope I taught my future was over, my life was very stressful Russ Kofman was my attorney in my case from beginning to end he laid out my options and he kept on fighting for my freedom. I’m mostly grateful for his experience and my results was no way near to what I expected he got me probation instead of me doing 3yrs in jail. Russ I thank you for your support and a job well done. I highly recommend his expertise.”

Lavendra N.

“Best attorney ever Russ is a great lawyer him and his assistant secretary they’re all great people I have no complaints about this law firm they’re the best. They help me and my family through a very hard time. They get the job done. Russ is no joke. I will recommend him to anyone. Very responsible always on time always up to date on my case. If you every in a jam or need assistance he is the person to call.”

Cabreja D.

“My husband found Russ online a couple of months ago. I was arrested when falsely accused of something by a patron at a restaurant. I was held at a precinct for questioning from 10:30pm until 5am when I found out I was being charged.

Having no priors, someone versed in criminal law was not someone we had in our “rolodex”….my husband called several lawyers he found online at 5am. Russ was the first to call back (before 8am) and walked him through the realities of what to expect during the arraignment the following night (which he also attended at 8pm).

He had me released without bail and worked with the DA to review tapes from the restaurant for almost 2 months. He took calls from me on the weekend and always immediately responded to emails, patiently answering all of my small and large questions. On my return to court, he arranged a private meeting with the DA for me to tell my side of the story – the case was dismissed and I was exonerated the same day. He even set me up with a lawyer to help me pursue a civil lawsuit for unlawful arrest.

I will definitely be using Russ again to help me with a trademark and some design patents, but hopefully never again as a criminal lawyer. I read below about Arthur’s GQ courtroom flair – they must shop at the same store! He also gets style points for his quadruple stock business cards :-).

We really appreciate what you did for us Russ and definitely recommend your firm to anyone who is on the fence reading these reviews.”

Shay M.

“Kofman got my felony DWI dismissed in Brooklyn. Highly recommend this law firm. Handled my arraignment and got no bail when they asked for 20,000. Then got the case dismissed after 2 months when I was facing a year in jail.”

T. C.

“I had a default judgment against me that Rubin & Rothman was garnishing me on. I hired Lebedin Kofman and they removed the judgment, stopped the garnishment and god me back on track in a week!”

Ben H.

“Arthur and Russ were extremely helpful. Arthur was great with walking me through the process, following up with me and making sure I completed everything I needed to, when I needed to. Russ, on our initial consultation said he wanted to know that Lebedin Koffman was there to be my representation now and moving forward and that is exactly what will happen. If I ever need legal assistance, I’ll be contacting Arthur and Russ.”

Kelvin R.

“Highly recommend this law firm.”

D. D.

“Great and professional firm. Could not ask for anything better from these guys. Arthur and Russ were extremely helpful. Thank you and highly recommended!”

A Satisfied Client

“I called them all magician because they work magic in the court room. Russ kofman is the best lawyer in the world hands down i was facing A DUI (driving under the influence) but this was my second time being charged it was supposed to be a felony but Russ work his magic and i plead guilty to a violation tell me he isn’t the best and what i also like and appreciated that i didn’t have all the money up front but Russ still took my case and work a payment plan out with me and we made it work over time if your in NewYork and need a lawyer if u ask me Russ kofman is the best!”

Joseph F.

“It was great working with Ross Kofman I truly recommend his services, he’s really professional and dedicated to his clients thank you so much.”

Edwin R.

“Russ Kofman is an extremely knowledgeable attorney with the track record to back up his performance. He understands the possible legal outcomes across a wide variety of legal fields and is equipped to steer the process in the direction he chooses. I would recommend Russ Kofman to any individual looking for a top performing attorney.”

Brandon Z.

“The law firm my practice uses for everything. Love them!”

Anna B.

“Russ Kofman is an excellent and honorable attorney. His office clearly demonstrates that there is no substitute for experience and rapport when it comes to financial matters. Jennifer, the office Paralegal is personable, efficient, and does follow-up well. Which sometimes can be challenging in any legal practice. Thanks!”


“I had an extremely positive experience with Lebedin Kofman LLP. Rus Kofman was unbelievably helpful, professional and supportive throughout my entire case (DUI). Every step of the way he stayed in contact with me, answering all my questions and guiding me in the right direction. He was genuinely invested and was able to bring my misdemeanor down to a violation. I cannot overstate the positive experience I had working with Russ.”

Sanja B.

“This is a tremendous law firm. I have had to deal with them on a number of occasions and they have been extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly…EFFECTIVE! I have recommended Lebedin Kofman LLP to multiple friends, coworkers and family members because they treat their clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. They are amazing lawyers and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

D. G.

“I m just amazed at the service I got from Russ Kofman. My stupid little brother was charged with gun possession and Mr. Kofman was not only able to get him out without bail but was able to bring the charge down to a fine and got him off the hook from a felony that would have haunted my brother for life. I’m very thankful not only for the way they have handled the case but also from how comforting he was to my mother and the way they carried them self’s with my whole family. Mr. Kofman kept my whole family at ease. I highly recommend Mr. Kofman to anyone that may have gotten them self’s in legal trouble.”

David A.

“Handled a criminal case quickly and effectively. Took care of the arraignment and no bail was placed, then got the misdemeanor lowered to a noncriminal infraction. Always answered the phone and explained everything to my family members. Highly recommend these lawyers.”

A. M.

“Highly professional lawyers. They go above and beyond for their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Anthony B.

“I am happy and please of the service I received from Russ Kofman. My mom suffers from a mental disorder and had a case against her. And Mr. Kofman was not only able to get her out without bail but was able to bring the charge down and have the case dismiss. My family and I are very thankful not only for the way Mr. Kofman handled the case but for answering any questions I may have had and for taking my calls. Mr. Kofman kept my whole family at ease. He is also affordable. And if you can’t pay in full, he will set payment plans for you. I know if I need him again I will be calling Russ Kofman. Also did I mentioned that I used his services twice. I highly recommend Mr. Kofman to anyone that may have legal issues.”

Emily A.

“Highly recommend this firm for any credit reporting or debt related issues. They assisted me in removing incorrectly reported public records and judgments from my credit report. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. I’m very impressed.”

Jeffrey R.

“Russ Kofman got my brother a violation when he was arrested for gun possession in JFK in Queens. Incredible results, highly recommend this firm.”

David M.

“I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the integrity of this law firm. I had a DUI case that I needed to get resolved. Lebedin and Kofman was there in court to represent me. Russ handled my Leandra’s law case and got me a noncriminal disposition. Love these guys.”

Mark T.

“I was in the situation of self-defense and Russ Kaufmann help me get my freedom back. They were trying to give me 2 – 7 years for something I didn’t do and Russ Kaufman believed in me and made sure that everything was going to be taken care of. The professionalism the respect in the quality of care is superb. Hands down the best lawyer I have ever encountered. A+ QUALITY FIRM. A definite recommendation.”


“Russ Koffman got me a favorable decision in a 10,000 dollar forfeiture case. Russ got my car back that was seized as well in a very timely fashion. I recommend Russ Koffman to anyone looking for a good attorney”

Lenny K.

“Lebedin Kofman LLP made an inspirationally impactful delivery during a crucial time. Their efforts have altered the course of my family’s life in a way I struggle to find words to describe. I understand that business is business, but this experience was far more than a transaction for me — even if that’s how they see it. And even if that’s how they see it, that’s certainly not how I was made to feel. Lebedin Kofman matched my intensity, urgency, and passion through each step of the debt settlement process and took deep responsibility for the results they promised to deliver, despite my not-so-perfect profile. Where other firms showed me the door, Lebedin Kofman dove deep. Thanks to them, I am finally, and humbly, in a position to provide a home life that me, my spouse, and future children can be proud of for years to come.”

Dwayne R.

“Russ Kofman is amazing. Extremely professional and attentive to his clients. Would recommend him to anybody looking for an attorney who will do whatever it takes to get the best results for your case. Worth every penny and more.”

Angela V.

“Anyone in need- I would highly recommend working with Mr. Russ Kofman. The firm handed my case and everything was dismissed. Russ took care of every detail, highly professional, communicative and resolved my case quickly. Thank you so much!!”

Jada M.

“I was represented by Russ Kofman for my case whom my parents found online. My case was not a piece of cake and had lasted a whole year until this October when it finally was over! I am so thankful and appreciative that Russ Kofman was my attorney for this case. It was not an easy case and I was nervous and thought of the worst, however Russ made my family and I feel at ease and took care of everything by fighting till the end. I am relieved and happy that it is over now and my family and I are at peace. I would most definitely refer and suggest Russ to be your future attorney! Thank you so much again!”

Anna S.

“Always call a lawyer before speaking to the police!

Russ Kofman really helped me out by putting a wall between myself and a detective because of some tweets that I allegedly made, of all things.

Russ was respectful of me, took the problem seriously, was readily available, and helpful. I recommend this firm highly.

In the end my mind can rest at ease, you can’t put a price on that.”

Zoey W.

Attorney Arthur Lebedin Testimonials:

“Took care of my settlement in the most professional manner possible.

Highly recommend.”


“I was served by a chiropractic office and fined almost $ 10,000. I was devastated since I was informed my insurance covered my visits. I recommend Mr. Lebedin since I won my case (more importantly I didn’t have to pay anything as a fine.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a legal claimed debt issue from 20 years ago that i had to dispute its authenticity and accuracy. I called Arthur and he was attentive and caring. He provided the action plan for resolving the issues as well as any contingency plans that may arise. He was genuine and responsive. I would highly recommend Arthur and his legal team to anyone needing legal help. I rate him 5 Stars!”

A Satisfied Client

“Arthur Lebedin [who took my call personally] and his team were excellent, professional, expeditious, courteous and very reasonable with their fees/terms. They truly helped me settle with one of the WORSE management companies ever [Granite Rental NY] on resolving a HUGE debt along with my judgement from NYS tax & revenue.

There’s something to be said when a law firm steps up to the plate to help out us little guys & gals that are affected by the big corporation’s stupid, greedy and irresponsible decisions that landed a lot of people in some really unfortunate financial situations by being let go or downsized.

Should I need help again – Lebedin Kofman will be my first call of defense. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Rochelle S.

“Arthur Lebedin personally took my calls concerning two separate legal matters. He answered all my questions and offered his professional insight. I hired him to address one of the problems and his team was excellent. The case was settled within a week. I’m extremely happy with the results.”

Marianne P.

“Arthur Lebedin is a great attorney. We had a case in small court case. He came prepared without us giving him much details. Very Professional and did his own research.”

Kalpana J.

“Arthur was extremely kind and helpful when I first called him to get some advice on how to settle some credit card debt and student loan issues.

He was patient, understanding and clear and set my mind at ease about the entire situation. His team has been excellent in helping settle debts for substantially less than owed and have been an invaluable resource when it comes to helping get my financial house in order.

I would not hesitate to hire Arthur again and will do so if the need arises in the future.”


“Arthur Lebedin and his law firm were very professional and resourceful in helping me to resolve my debt judgment case. I was very happy with the results and services.

My spouse defaulted on a Citi credit card during financial crisis when she lost her job. A law firm Rubin & Rothman representing Citi filed a complaint regarding the debt. For over a year, we fought through several court motions and discoveries, unfortunately a summary judgment was granted. Unable to establish communication with the plaintiff or their lawyer, we contacted Lebedin Kofman law firm based on online searches and reviews. Arthur Lebedin was very quick to respond. During initial consultation, he listened to the background history and explained the steps that will be taken to resolve. He kept us informed during the entire process. In the end, he negotiated with opposing lawyer to settle the debt for 60% discount with lump sum payment.

Now my spouse’s credit is clean and in excellent state.

Thank you Lebedin Kofman!”

James T.

“I had Mr. Arthur Lebedin recently for a high debt settlement of credit card. Mr. Lebedin confirmed the best case scenario and mentioned he was confident of getting there, as he is very familiar with the structure and how to go about it. By my amaze within three weeks he informed me of settlement he promised. When we contacted the credit card by phone about settlement reached, they wanted more info, and so on which Mr. Lebedin aggressively and professionally remind them that settlement was final. I strongly recommend this office and I trust them 100 percent, not only the service is extremely professional, also very kind in nature and pleasant, as during our brief discussion of the case were able to chat about sport, travel.. again although I did not have good experience before with other law firms and attorneys, this office Mr. Lebedin, Ester (assistant) restore my faith in expecting only the best.”

Neaman N.

“I recently contacted Lebedin Kofman LLP after being served with a summons on a student loan I had co-signed for our son. I had not even received a phone call that there were issues with the loan and was completely blind sided with the summons. Mr. Lebedin took the time to explain the process. He and the staff handled the issue promptly, professionally, and kept me informed during the whole process. I am very happy with my choice to contact this firm.”

Sharon P.

“This is a spectacular law firm. Arthur met with me, learned about my situation, and laid out my options. He really tailored the plan for me and gave me confidence that it would get resolved, which was a huge relief. Esta is an amazing paralegal. She was direct and helpful, and always answered my follow-up questions. She really worked hard on my behalf. Kristin was also precise and timely with my documents. Overall I knew after my first meeting there that they would help solve my problem and they did.”

Brian B.

“Arthur Lebedin worked on my case. Great lawyer, attentive and most importantly, gets the job done. The judgment against me was vacated and the case dismissed within a few months.

Highly recommend!”

Olessya K.

“Unfortunately, due to some poor business practices, I was stuck with a collection agency requesting payment for an overdue credit card bill. Arthur Lebedin to the rescue. I found them via Google and with the reviews posted there along with the fast response of the team, I chose them. They were responsive, patient and able to reduce my amount due significantly. Yes, I would recommend them in a heartbeat for anyone looking for assistance in debt collections. They’re worth every penny.”

Ashanti P.

“I worked with Arthur too. My case was small potatoes but Arthur treated me with great respect regardless, got back to me immediately every time, put up with my dumb questions and answered them all with patience, and gave me confidence during a pretty rough time.

This is the second time in my life that I’m happy to say that I love my lawyers because they saved my life and you won’t hear any nasty lawyer cracks from me. At their best, they lead you through a period of duress and adversity, and help you overcome the situation. That’s the case with Arthur, and I especially appreciated him showing up looking more dapper, polished and professional than any other lawyer in the room. The DFWM suit. He may look GQ but he’s an activist at heart, as well as funny and personable.”

Sono O.

“Arthur has made my bankruptcy case so painless and fast. I was being harassed, had my check garnished and constant threatening mails from creditors. I started my process in Feb 2015 and officially was discharged June 2015. Great lawyer, completely understanding and most of all he gets back to you as soon as he is able to.I can now start over with my mind at ease, only regrets are that I should have done this long ago. Thank you Arthur!!!!”

Michele G.

“I was lucky enough to work with Arthur Lebedin. My case was not a big one, but he still was on top of it everyday pushing until we got our case settled and I am very happy with the results. He made the process easy, (on my part) and fast. Thank you!!”

Andrea M.

“I was represented by Arthur Lebedin, whom I decided to work with after speaking with several other attorneys. He came across as genuine and that impression held true as he was approachable, straight forward and reassuring. Everything he said he would do, he did and made sure that I was kept up to speed on every step throughout the process. He got me a favorable outcome in my case and now I know if I have additional legal matters that need counsel, I can trust Arthur and Russ to provide me with the representation I need. Two stand up guys!”

Kelvin R.