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Last updated on: March 30, 2022

By Lebedin Kofman LLP

The NYPD raided our client’s home, supposedly looking for a gun that her son had. When they could not find the son or any gun they arrested our client, her husband, and their younger son just because they said they did not know where the son in question was or any details about any gun. Our client immediately told the police, and the corrections officers at the jail she was being held, that she needed her insulin medication as she suffers from diabetes. After multiple failed pleas to take her to the hospital or bring her the medication, she suffered a stroke in the cell she was being held in leading to paralysis of the left side of her face and body.The criminal case against her, her son, and the husband were immediately dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office due to a clear lack of probable cause for their arrest. We immediately filed a notice of claim against the city for False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution. As with most False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution cases, New York City has a preferred policy of conducting an early settlement conference before lengthy litigation begins. The City was very interested in settling this matter due to the arrest and serious injuries that our client sustained as a result of the false arrest and negligence by the police and corrections officers in failing to provide her with her insulin medication.The City offered our client over $900,000 to settle the matter out of court. They offered her husband over $50,000 for the false arrest and loss of consortium claims due to the paralysis his wife suffered from the stroke. We were able to obtain this fantastic settlement for our clients within 9 months of filing the notice of claim as opposed to 3 or more years of lengthy litigation!

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