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Over the years, our firm has successfully helped thousands of clients resolve their legal problems. We can assist you, too. To see how we helped our past clients, please feel free to read our case results here. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Lebedin Kofman LLP today at (646) 663-4430 and schedule a free consultation.

People v PG. | All Criminal Charges dismissed against our client charged with PL S 265.01

Criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree. The allegations were that our client brought an illegal collapsible baton into JFK, John F Kennedy airport and tried to board a flight with it. It is very common for us to see cases of clients who are flying and may have forgotten to check their bags for items that are not allowed to be brought on planes. In this instance, our client was charged with this A misdemeanor and given a desk appearance ticket to appear in Queens criminal court. However, she was just traveling through New York and could not appear on the date given to her. If you do not appear on the correct date for a DAT in NYC and your lawyer is not ready to make an argument to the Judge, the Court will issue a bench warrant and you will then be arrested if you have police contact in the future. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Lebedin Kofman LLP were able to appear without our client, explain the issues to the court and resolve the case with all criminal charges being dismissed against our client leaving her with no criminal record. 

PEOPLE V QS | Kings County, Brooklyn Domestic Violence Case Dismissed.

Our client was arrested and the complaint against him charged with the counts below. The complainant claimed he threw an object at her head and harassed her with nonstop phone calls and threats. It is common for prosecutors in NYC, in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Richmond and Kings County to charge all of the below counts in a case of alleged domestic violence. Anytime someone claims that you repeatedly called them, texted them or contacted them otherwise after they told you not to contact them further, the NYPD will reach out to you to attempt to arrest you for Harassment in the second degree. The same is true for alleged threats made over the phone, online, etc. It is important not to make any statements or admissions when this happens and instead indicate that you will have your attorney contact them to organize a surrender. Unfortunately, once a complaint has been made and sworn under penalty of perjury, you must go through the system and see a judge where an order of protection will be entered against you. If you are picked up when you have police contact, you may end up staying 24 hours or more in jail until you see a judge, but when a skilled attorney organizes your surrender, it can be handled with you going to the precinct at 8am and then seeing the judge and getting out the same day. In this case, the criminal defense team at Lebedin Kofman llp was able to represent this client and have the entire case and all charges dismissed.


People v NR | Case Dismissed

Case Dismissed for Client charged with grand larceny in the third degree and criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree in Queens County Criminal Court. Our Client was alleged to have stolen checks from her employment, fraudulently made them out to herself and another individual stealing thousands of dollars of funds over multiple checks. She further was alleged to have made statements admitting to the conduct. Lebedin Kofman LLP and our skilled criminal defense attorneys fought for her for months and were able to have all criminal charges dismissed. Though she was initially charged with multiple felony counts, she ultimately walked away with a clean record and no jail time, no probation, or any other penalties. Our attorneys routinely handle such allegations of misdemeanor and felony fraud, theft, wire fraud and embezzlement all over the City of New York in state and in federal court with excellent results.

PEOPLE V. C. | Full Dismissal of All Charges and Compensation for False Arrest

Our Client was charged with Forcible touching and sex abuse in the third degree in Manhattan criminal court in New York County. These allegations stemmed from alleged observations by MTA officers while our client was riding the subway. Lebedin Kofman defended this case in criminal court and Russ Kofman took the case to trial securing a NOT GUILTY verdict and full dismissal of all charges for our client. Lebedin Kofman later sued the NYPD for false arrest and secured a settlement for our client compensating him for this false arrest and attorney fees.

The defendant is charged as follows:

1 PL 130.52(1)

2 PL 130.52(2)

Forcible Touching (defendant # 1: 1 count) Forcible touching

(defendant #1: l count)

3 PL 130.55

Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree (defendant #1: 1 count)

People V. J. | Full Dismissal of All Charges

Our client was charged with forcible touching, resisting arrest, and sexual abuse in the third degree in New York County criminal court in Manhattan. Lebedin Kofman defended this case for almost 2 years and would not accept any plea deal. These cases are very difficult in New York County as the prosecutors generally will not allow a deal without the client getting a criminal record. As our client was totally innocent, we could not allow that to happen. We were able to secure a full DISMISSAL of all charges for our very happy client in this case!

Charges included: 

1  PL 130.52(1)

2 PL 130.52(2)

3 PL 205.30

4 PL 130.55

Forcible Touching (defendant #1: 1 count) 

Resisting Arrest (defendant #1: 1 count)

Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree (defendant #1: 1 count)

Received a 7 Month Sentence

Charged with: $8 Million Dollar Bank Fraud

All Charges Dismissed

Charged with: 3rd DWI with Accident

Case Dismissed

Charged with: Disorderly Conduct

Case Dismissed & Sealed

Charged with: Domestic Violence

Traffic Infraction & No Criminal Record

Charged with: DWI 

No Criminal Record & No Jail Time

Charged with: Grand Larceny & Forgery 

Case Dismissed & Monetary Settlement

Charged with: Theft

No Criminal Record & 90 Day License Suspension

Charged with: Misdemeanor DWI & Driving While Ability Impaired 

All Charges Dismissed & Record Sealed

Charged with: Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated 

Case Dismissed & Record Sealed

Charged with: Possession of a Weapon in The Second Degree

No Jail Time

Charged with: Rape & Endangering the Welfare of a Child 

All Charges Dropped

Charged with: Rape Charge 

Charge Dismissed

Charged with: Rape Charge

Charges Dismissed After Trial

Charged with: Hate Crime 

Charge Dismissed & Record Sealed

Charged with: Two Counts of Assault in The Third Degree

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