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What Are Some Reasons For Medical Malpractice Occurrence?

The statistics of medical errors is shockingly alarming.  Thousands of people are injured and die from medical mistakes every year. Trust is placed into these medical professionals and facilities to ensure that the patient recovers and is cured of any injury or illness that they might have, but sadly, many of these patients come out worst off than they originally went in for. What is the reasoning behind these mistakes? Why do they continue to happen even though it has been established that these mistakes are occurring? When a medical professional fails to adequately perform their job, they can negligently… Read More

Unlike Alcohol, It’s Tough To Set DUI Limits For Marijuana

There is a legal limit for drunk driving, but when it comes to marijuana, new research shows it may be impossible to say just how high is too high to drive. There’s no breathalyzer for pot, and researchers say blood tests are useless when it comes to telling whether someone who has been smoking is fit to drive. The question matters now that four states have made it legal for any adult to smoke marijuana, and more than 20 others have approved its use for. Read the full story